Revenger kit – Vaporesso

Time has come to finally test this Revenger kit by Vaporesso! Marks a turning point in the Vaporesso range, both in terms of design and electronics, which is clearly progressing. An excellent news for every vapers around the world!

(Below review was supported by, A crew of French experts in vape reviews!)

A compact and (almost) lightweight box

The Revenger kit is composed of the 220w Revenger box and the NRG atomizer. Inside the box, there is also a spare coil, a USB micro cable, a user manual. This kit marks a clear transition from the previous Vaporesso models. Compared to the Tarot series, this one looks much more futuristic, and more compact.

The box is really compact and rather light. The handling is excellent, it almost feels like there’s no atomizer. All you have to do is open the battery cover to see how little space the electronics and connection take. It does not measure much more than the two batteries it holds.

The battery compartment door is perfectly held by three magnets. The connection 510 for the atomizer is of course spring-mounted.

How about buttons?

The release button is wide and slightly curved. The click is clear and quite sensitive, an excellent compromise that can be found in the three adjustment buttons. The USB plug is well positioned so that you can recharge the batteries while keeping the box straight. The design of the buttons is a bit like the size of the battery door. It's clean, the look and design are perfect.

The front panel is also elegant. Transparent with a slight metallic sheen giving a mirror effect which gives a very pleasant effect, well contrasted and very readable. This large screen is also a new feature at Vaporesso, which has been able to make the most of it : very large, and easily readable.

Technical specifications

Box revenger 220w :

  • Dimensions: 45mm x 89mm x 89mm x 28mm
  • Puissance: 5.0-220W
  • Ecran: 0.96' OLED
  • Voltage: 0V-8.5V
  • Resistances: 0.05-5Ω
  • Temperatures en TC: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
  • Modes: VW(H/N/S), CCW, CCT, VT(NI,TI,SS), TCR(M1,M2), RTC, BYPASS
  • Access: 2x 18650

NRG Sprayer atomizer:

  • Diameter: 26.5mm
  • Height: 56mm
  • Material: acier inoxydable, pyrex
  • Poids: 66g
  • Contenance: 5ml

Complete and intuitive menus

Let's start with the most important thing: the clock! So practical for an object you always have in your hand. To be honest, it's so simple that we’ve been wondering for a while why not all the boxes offer it. It's clearly a gadget, but undeniably practical.

The display is large, comfortable and complete. At the top is the useful indication of the charge level of each battery, and at the bottom is the indication of the puff time. And in between, the classic power/temperature, resistance, voltage, and mode indication. There is even an indication of the remaining charging time during battery charging.

The mode on the display corresponds to the behaviour at the beginning of the vape: normal, soft or hard. It is a simplified version of the management of the heating curves also available in power and temperature control. Of course, we also have an indication of the type of vape used.

The box of course has temperature control for nickel, titanium, stainless steel coils and temperature coefficient management if you want to use exotic wires. You will also find in the menus the bypass mode and a system menu, which allows different screen or time settings for example.

The whole thing is as intuitive as it can be with so many settings. They are mainly done by using the third button, the one between the plus and the minus, specific to Vaporesso electronics. Finally, we find the essential part of the brand's interface, with the comfort of the large screen in addition.

A pleasant and precise steam in all modes

Vaporesso has made significant progress in the quality of the vape of its boxes between the pro and nano Tarot, which were really average, and the mini which finally offered a temperature control worthy of the name. Of course, subsequent updates had improved things for the first models, but we were still far from the best.

The Revenger box shows Vaporesso's willingness to catch up with the leading pack. In power control mode, the box is accurate and delivers the power it promised.

The vape is pleasant, and the box delivers the 220 watts it announces, with a comfortable maximum output voltage for higher resistances. Maximum power that you will only get from full batteries, and with batteries that can take the 28 amps. With low batteries, they will not take out the 40 amps required for each no matter what happens.

The excellent surprise comes from the temperature control. Tested with 316 stainless steel coils it is perfect for protecting the assemblies and passes dry cotton tests with flying colors. You will be protected in case of an empty tank, no risk for the cotton to burn.

But above all, Vaporesso has succeeded in providing a constant steam in temperature control. The vape is perfect, regular and homogeneous throughout the duration of the puff. Once you find the right setting, it's a real pleasure.

An excellent electronic, therefore, which can only be blamed for a slight lack of reactivity when triggered, but which is also excellent. Vaporesso did it again!