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Simple Coil Building 101 For Vaping Guide

So you delved into the world of vaping, experimented with different devices and threw away hundreds of atomizer coil heads but you need something more customizable?

Maybe you are a mechanical geek like me, interested in the technical side of vaping? Or you’re just really into chasing clouds and customizing your mod to get the most out of the experience? Then this custom coil building guide is just for you!


How building your own coils will benefit you

  • Truly the only way to really get those big clouds
  • Better vapor production
  • Flavour rich
  • Cheaper than buying prebuilt coil heads
  • Fun building a custom coil
  • The Craft - really adjust your build to match your vaping style

If some of these benefits interest you then let's get technical!


Warning - Safety First

Your vape device uses electricity and there is a science behind building your own coils to fully understand so ensure that your build is safe! Doing something wrong may cause excessive heat or even explosions.

Don’t worry though, this blog will explain how to make sure this does not happen.


Every vaper needs to know Ohm’s Law 

From vaping pens to advanced mods, every vaper needs to fully understand Ohm’s law and the electrical components and how they operate. This is essential for adjusting your vape and the vapor production of your device.

Let’s take a look at Ohm’s law - there are 3 main electrical properties to understand:

  •  Voltage (V) which can be defined as the difference in electrical potential, measured in volts.
  • Current (I) is the rate at which the electrons flow and in measured in amperes (amps).
  • Resistance ( R) can be defined as the degree to which a device opposes the passage of an electric current. Simply put, imagine people standing in line to go see a live performance of some kind, but instead of 4 ticket booths only 3 are open, the people will still get entrance but at a slower rate. The higher the resistance the slower the electric current will be.

Ohms law for vaping


Now we will work out the wattage with this formula:

Wattage = V²/R

Wattage is important because higher watts produce more heat and ultimately more vapor and flavour of your vape. The lower the resistance the higher your watts will be. With these formulas you can work out exactly what you will need for building your perfect coil to match your device's potential.  

Knowing exactly what volts your battery output has is crucial for building, if your battery cannot support the level of watts your device is pumping out it may burn out your coil instantly or worse, make your battery blow up.

If you feel lost and or overwhelmed do not fear, take a look at steam-engine a technical cheat sheet that will help you work out the perfect, safe setup.

Let’s get to the fun part and start building!


The gear you will need 

If you are a beginner at building coils, we recommend a building kit that includes all of the needed tools and equipment, these can be found at your local vape store or online.

vapers tools for coil building 101

Coil Building Starter kits

Building coils are cheap as it allows you to mainly use your own tools and household items such as nail clippers and plyers, but for people who would  be interested in getting a kit look at something similar to the  coil master kit.


What you will need : 

  • Diagonal/Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Mini Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Ceramic Tweezers
  • Kanthal Wire
  • Coiling Kit V3
  • Ohm Meter
  • Pen Style Screwdriver Philips/Flat-head
  • Building mat (to avoid mess and damage to your table)


The wire

The most common and recommended wire to use is a 26-28 gauge Kanthal wire, however you could also use Nichrome, Pure Nickle, Stainless Steel, Flat Kanthal. 


The Wicking Material

This is the material that will hold the e-juice, the best practice here is to make sure to use organic unbleached Japanese cotton (boiling it can also make sure it is safe from any unwanted pesticides if it is not organic).

Now that you have all the supplies needed, let's get building!

Basic coil building 101: 



 Cloud Chasing build 101:



If you liked the videos be sure to check out Rip Trippers on youtube, he has more crazy builds and setups for you!

Which coils do YOU prefer? Got questions bout coil building? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Happy vaping!

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Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 28 Oct 2016


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