The Best Box Mods for Beginners

If you’re new to vaping, you may wonder if a box mod is right for you. These sturdy, well-built devices have more customization features and settings than a simple pod vape. They’re also easier to use than you might think at first glance. Here’s what you need to know about vaping with a box mod setup.





What Is a Box Mod?


After pod vapes, box mods are the most popular choice for vape enthusiasts. These devices get their name from the box shape most of them have. These devices come in a huge range of builds, prices and styles. You can find one to match almost anyone’s needs and budget.


A box mod has several advantages over a pod mod or pod vape.

  • The cartridge holds a lot more juice.
  • The large battery will last much longer than the small pod battery.
  • Box mods are sturdy and meant to last.
  • You can customize your vape experience.
  • They give you the most potent flavor and thickest clouds.

Is a Box Mod the Same as a Mechanical Box Mod?


A box mod allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience for a consistently enjoyable vape. The device has a computer chip that allows you to customize it and use it as you would any electronic device.


A mechanical mod offers the most customization options. It comes without a computer chip or other built-in settings.


Mechanical mods offer the most freedom, but they also lack many of the safety features that box mods have. Mechanical mods should only be used by experienced vapers who have a thorough understanding of wattage, ohms and electrical resistance.


How Does a Box Mod Work?


If you worry that a box mod looks complicated, don’t be. The first thing to realize is that you don’t need every button and feature on your device. Even experienced vapers don’t use every feature of a box mod.


There are only two things you need to worry about when you use this device. The first is finding your wattage, and the second is deciding whether you’ll use a sub-ohm tank or an atomizer.


How To Choose the Right Wattage


Every box mod has a wide range of wattage settings. Don’t be tempted to shoot for the high ranges right away. Start at 40 to 50 watts and work you way up. Lower temperatures can help you get flavor out of your e-juice. Going too high may burn out your juice and your coils.


Higher wattage will help you create more clouds when you vape, but you don’t have to go that high. Even the most advanced devices don’t need more than 80 watts to produce huge clouds and dense vapor.


Do You Want Sub-Ohm Tanks or Atomizers?


This question depends on whether you want more clouds or more flavor when you vape. Sub-ohm tanks are the right choice if clouds are your priority.


If flavor matters more to you, you will be happier with an atomizer. Also known as a clearomizer or cartomizer, this type of tank produces smaller clouds. It’s also more likely to give you the mouth-to-lung flavor hit that former smokers prefer.


Take Your Time


Don’t rush yourself when you try a box mod. Prime the coil, fill your tank with juice, and start at a lower wattage setting. Keep increasing the wattage until you get the exact flavor and cloud production you want.


How Much Do Box Mods Typically Cost?


These devices range in price from $50 for a well-made, full-featured device to $250 for a high-end, sophisticated box mod.


If your device doesn’t have a built-in battery, you must buy one. That will typically cost another $25 to $50. You’ll also need juice.


Over time, you’ll need new coils, tanks and batteries, but you don’t have to buy all that now.


Is a Box Mod Good for Beginners?


Yes. It’s not as complicated as you might fear. You can learn to use it if you take your time, read the instructions and run some practice drills. After a few attempts, you’ll be enjoying the premium experience of box mod vaping.


Don't throw out your pod vapes, however. Since box mods are usually large and heavy, they are not ideal for taking out or traveling. Many vapers use a small, refillable pod vape as their traveling vape. A lightweight, inexpensive pod mod is a good backup that lets you vape on the go.


Best Box Mods for First-Time Vapers


Vaporesso Swag PX80


Don’t let the compact build fool you. This solidly made device has all the power and functionality you need for an amazing vape experience. The Swag PX80 is the recent version of Vaporesso’s popular Swag device. This upgrade features many user-friendly touches, including clean coil replacement and an easy-to-fill cartomizer. The Swag PX80 is an affordable box mod that will let you vape happily all day.

  • .96-inch screen.
  • External 18650mAh battery.
  • Variable 5 to 80 wattage.\
  • AXION chip.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Tank capacity 4 ml/2ml.
  • Available in five colors.

Vaporesso Gen Nano


The Gen Nano is a highly functional box mod with the elegant design that characterizes all Vaporesso devices. It’s also a brilliant choice if you don’t want to buy a separate battery. Its built-in battery is large enough to last a full day of vaping. The flame resistant rubber coating and 2A fast charging capability add to this device’s ease of use.

  • .91-inch OLED screen.
  • Built-in 2000mAh battery.
  • Variable 5 to 80 wattage.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Tank capacity 3.5 ml/2 ml.
  • Available in six colors.

Vaporesso Gen-S


If you want the best in style, design and versatility, the Gen-S is the box mod for you. This high-end device features an advanced chipset, a quick-charge system and your choice of stylish colors. The Gen-S is large, but it has a sleek ergonomic design that looks and feels great.

  • .91-inch OLED screen.
  • Requires two high-rate 18650 batteries.
  • Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
  • Advanced AXION chip.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Tank capacity 4 ml/2ml.
  • Available in 12 stylish colors.

Get Started with a Box Mod


You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to use a box mod. If you need help, visit your local vape shop to get some pointers on using your device. Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of vaping.