The Top Vape Apps for Android and iOS



Do you want to use your vape tools more effectively and stay on top of the latest vaping trends? Learn which vaping apps are best and how to use these digital tools to enhance your vaping experience.



What is a vaping app?


Vape apps are tools you can use on your mobile device to blend vape juice, calculate electrical resistance, and perform a variety of other handy functions that will make vaping easier and more accurate. Some vape apps download onto your phone, and others are available on mobile-friendly websites that you can access from any mobile device. While certain vape apps are free, others are only available for download at a certain price, which is usually under $5.


List of the most popular vaping apps


The best vape apps help you use your vape kits more effectively and get the most out of your vape juice. Based on the number of downloads and reviews for each option, these are the top 9 vape app options available for download today:


1. Vape Boss


Vape Boss was launched in 2014, and it remained the most popular vape app in the Apple App Store before it was taken down in 2019. This app is still available on Android devices, and it has improved significantly since its initial launch.


In addition to providing you with information on the best methods for vaping, Vape Boss also serves as an all-in-one marketplace for vape juice and other vaping necessities. Vape Boss is so popular that many individual vape shops have decided to adopt this app as a platform for making sales.




2. The Vape Tool


The Vape Tool will tell you everything you need to know about the potential power of your vape kit and how much juice it can vaporize. In addition to helping you calculate ohms, The Vape Tool also provides you with the capability to benchmark the battery life of your vape rig.


What's more, this app comes with a comprehensive tool that helps you build your own coils based on your exact vaping needs. The Vape Tool is available for free with ads, and the pro version costs $3.49.




3. E-Liquid Calculator


E-Liquid Calculator builds on the successes of other vape liquid calculation tools and provides additional functionality. In addition to helping you find out how much VG, PG, and nicotine you should combine to make the ultimate vape juice, E-Liquid Calculator also provides a basic coil tool that will help you build a perfect wrap to match. This app is so fine-tuned that it even takes flavoring liquid and bottle volume into account as it determines the exact number of grams, milliliters, or drops you need to make your vape juice dreams into reality.




4. E-Cig Diary


Switching away from cigarettes can be a big step. E-Cig Diary helps you stay true to your health choices by reminding you how much you've saved since you stopped using analog sources of nicotine and switched to vaping. All you need to do is input the amount of money you spend on vape juice every time you restock and provide a baseline of how much you vape every day. E-Cig Diary then compares that amount to the cost of cigarettes to show you your savings.


Android-only with open-source download also available


5. E-Liquid Recipes


E-Liquid Recipes helps you craft your own DIY vape juice from PG, VG, nicotine salts, and any other additives you might want to throw into the mix. One way that E-Liquid Recipes stands apart from competitors is by allowing you to include water in your ideal vape juice mix.




6. VaporCalc


Based on reviews and downloads, VaporCalc is one of the most beloved vaping apps for Android. This app is far more than just a simple vape juice calculator. It also provides information on coil wrapping and can help you calculate ohm resistance.




7. The Vapor Map


If you're ever on the go and you need to find vape juice in your area, The Vapor Map will quickly become your best friend. This online app contains up-to-date information on vape store locations in all 50 states, so bookmark this site or make an icon on your home screen for easy reference.


Web app for any mobile device, both Android and iOS


8. Ohm's Law


There are quite a few apps for Android that allow you to calculate electrical resistance and similar equations, but Ohm's Law is the simplest and most user-friendly. Plus, this app is free to download, so there's nothing to lose!




9. E-Liquid Recipes Online Calculator


This app is similar to other e-liquid calculators we've listed, but it's available in a convenient web app you can access from any device. That's good news for Apple users who have lost access to their favorite downloadable vaping apps.


Web app for any mobile device, both Android and iOS


Why did Apple remove some vaping apps from the App Store?


In November of 2019, Apple announced that it was removing certain vaping-related apps from its App Store. The rationale given for this decision was that Apple wanted to fight back against the "vaping health crisis," but it appears that removing vaping apps from the App Store was done primarily for public relations reasons, and improving the public health was an afterthought.


Throughout 2019, misleading articles in major publications made it seem like popular nicotine-infused and nicotine-free vaping products had suddenly become dangerous. The truth of the matter, however, was that certain THC-infused "bootleg" vape cartridges containing the dangerous filler vitamin E acetate were causing injuries.


Vape cartridges containing propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and nicotine salts didn't suddenly become more dangerous. Nevertheless, companies like Apple cracked down on legitimate forms of vaping to make it seem like they were doing something about the crisis. Ironically, removing vaping apps from the App Store probably incentivized vapers to start smoking again, which is much worse for your health than vaping.