• by Eve Wang, 25 Mar 2019

    How To Get Massive Clouds Of Vapour From Your Vape

    Although not everyone is into cloud chasing, one of the attractions of vaping is the ability to create huge clouds of vapor.

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  • by Eve Wang, 25 Mar 2019

    how to blow smoking rings with an e-cigarette

    The Easy Way To Blow Smoke Rings

    Obviously the first thing you need for you to blow smoke rings is a vaping device. The second thing you need is a nice, calm environment because moving air will disrupt the fragile vapor, while still air will allow a smoke ring to grow to its full glory and linger for a while afterwards. Now that you have settled all of that, you are ready to blow smoke rings.

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  • by Eve Wang, 22 Mar 2019

    How to use a vape pen

    A few years ago, vape devices were unheard of. Presently vaping has become more popular than ever because more people are aware of the health benefits of vaping and so it is widely considered to be much healthier and more fashionable than traditional smoking.

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  • by Eve Wang, 8 Nov 2017

    Vaping 101: How to avoid  spitback from your vape tank

    Whether you're an experienced vaper or a complete newbie, we've all been there at some point. You go to take a nice long draw from your favourite e-juice only for your vape tank to spitback at you. It isn't pleasant and it can happen often, particularly if you're a keen modder trying out different components to get the right 'balance' and find the perfect vaping experience. It happens when there's simply too much e-juice in the centre of your coil which can't be properly vaporised. Veterans know how to avoid this, but for those of you just starting out or looking for ways to curb sptitback, here are some things to bear in mind. 

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  • by Eve Wang, 22 Oct 2017

    Vaping 101: How to Prevent Burnt Vape Coils

    Whether you're brand new to the world of vaping or a seasoned pro looking for the next big mod, we've all experienced that most awful of things - a burnt vape coil. It's one of those things that can creep up on even the most experienced vapers. One minute you're puffing perfect clouds and enjoying the deep, rich flavours of your favourite e-juice, and then the unthinkable happens - you get a dry hit and taste burning. It's enough to put anyone off their vape session but, thankfully, it's quite easily avoidable and not at all difficult to fix. Here's how... 

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  • by Eve Wang, 26 Sep 2017

    Vaping 101: What you need to know about vape juice

    Vaping is soaring in popularity. Whether it's a vehicle to quit smoking or a relaxing hobby that people are picking up, more and more people are doing it every day. It stands to reason that searches for various questions online are through the roof,  and we've noticed that most of them around the many vape juice or e-juice varieties that are available. What is e-juice? What's in it? Is it safe? Which one should you pick? If, as a beginner vaper, you've asked yourself any of these questions, read on. 

  • by Eve Wang, 6 Jul 2017

    Choosing the right juice for your vape tank

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that choosing an e-juice is all about flavour and nicotine levels, but there's more to it than meets the eye.  One thing newcomers to vaping often don't consider when choosing an e-juice is how it might work with their vape tank of choice.  Getting your vaping setup just right takes time and patience, and there will probably be a lot of trial and error involved until you find the right experience for you,  but getting your e-juice and vape tank combination right from the start will pay dividends. 

  • by Eve Wang, 27 Jun 2017

    How to get started with your first vape kit

    In light of the overwhelming evidence that tabacco smoking is bad for you, many individuals are starting to take an interest in vaping. Even Public Health England have recently published a report stating that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes or tabacco, so it's not wonder more and more smokers are ditching their cigarettes for vape kits. However, getting into the work of vaping can be incredibly daunting for a beginner. As the market booms, more and more devices are going on sale along with various mods and flavours of e-juice, and it can be incredibly difficult to keep up.  Those new to the world of vaping will often start with a vape kit. It's a great place to start, and most kits will have everything you need (except the juice) to get started right out of the box - but how do you get started?

  • by Eve Wang, 19 Jun 2017

    Vaping 101: How to stop your vape tank from leaking

    Whether you're new to the world of vaping or you've been at the forefront for years, there are few things more irritating than a leaky tank. It's not just something that impacts beginners; the more advanced vapers among us will occasionally experiment with different mods or tanks that can take a while to get used to, and during that time they might experience leakages which could otherwise be avoided. It might take you a while to choose the right vape tank, but once you do here are some tips to help you stamp out leakages for good. 

  • by Eve Wang, 14 Jun 2017

    The benefits of vaping and how to get started

    In the last few years vaping has soared in popularity. Go to any bar or public place and you're likely to see somebody enjoying an e-cigarrette or using a vaping kit. Many think of it as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and while that is most certainly true there's more to vaping the meets the eye. From straightforward vaping pens to highly modded kits that produce dense clouds and allow sub-ohm vaping, there's a lot going on in the vaping community and 2017 is a great time to join in.