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Vape Pod Systems for Cloud Chasers: The Best Model for Big Clouds


In the ever-evolving world of vaping, cloud chasing stands out as an impressive visual art and a testament to a vaper's skill. This form of vaping isn't just about getting a hit of nicotine; it's about creating voluminous, thick plumes of vapor that demand attention and skill. As such, cloud chasing has grown into both a competitive sport and a deeply personal hobby, with enthusiasts constantly searching for the perfect device that will produce the aesthetic statement they long for. Within this search, vape pod systems have emerged as a popular tool due to their ability to generate high-quality clouds that satisfy the demands of even the most ardent cloud chasers.


What Is Cloud Chasing?


Cloud chasing has emerged as a visually dramatic spectacle within vaping culture, centered on producing the largest, densest plumes of vapor possible. It originates from vaping enthusiasts' desire to push the boundaries of vapor production as an artistic, competitive endeavor. This practice has grown into an entire competitive sport judged at cloud-chasing contests attended by throngs of fans captivated by the visually stunning displays.


To stand out amongst elite cloud chasers, vapers meticulously fine-tune their equipment and technique specifically for maximizing visible vapor production vs basic nicotine delivery. They use high-powered devices capable of exceeding 100+ watts using extreme temperature control precision.


Competition-grade gear boasts low resistance coils, often below 0.15 ohms, matched with 30+ amp batteries to generate enormous energy output. Cloud chaser e-liquids contain at least 80% vegetable glycerin for thick billowing clouds amplified by dynamic flavor mixes. The technical challenge comes in taming such extreme power into masterworks of vapor artistry. When expert cloud chasers exhale dramatic plumes across competition stages, they display a visual spectacle of size, speed, and creativity that impress crowds and judges.


Must-Have Features in Vape Pod Systems for Cloud Chasers


In the pursuit of voluminous clouds and an enhanced vaping experience, enthusiasts scour the market for vape pod systems equipped with a slew of essential features. A cloud chaser's device is not merely about aesthetic appeal but rather a blend of functionality, convenience, and power.

  • Top Filling System: The top filling system stands out as a critical component. It allows users to refill their e-liquids with ease, minimizing leaks and spills, which can be common in less advanced models. This system enables a swift top-up of your favorite juices, ensuring that you can maintain an uninterrupted vaping session, particularly during extensive use periods when chasing the perfect cloud.
  • Turbo Airflow System: Another pivotal feature is the turbo airflow system. This system enhances the air intake into the vape pod, which when combined with the heat from the coil, helps in producing denser and larger clouds. Allowing more air to mix with vaporized liquid creates a cooler and smoother vaping experience while also contributing significantly to the size and quality of the vapor.
  • Large Capacity Battery: To sustain prolonged periods of cloud production, a vape pod must boast a huge capacity for e-liquid storage. Enthusiasts often prefer devices that can hold enough e-liquid to keep them vaping without constant refills. A substantial capacity is especially important for those who favor high VG juices, which are thicker and create more substantial clouds. This means fewer interruptions and more time enjoying the art of cloud chasing.
  • High-Quality Build with Durability: Lastly, the build quality is paramount. A well-constructed vape pod system, often characterized by rubber coatings and sturdy materials, ensures durability. High-quality materials can absorb the everyday impacts, resist wear from repeated handling, and preserve the device's integrity. For cloud chasers, a robust build means they can rely on their devices through countless vaping sessions.

Each of these features plays an integral role in achieving the ultimate goal for many vapers: thick, satisfying clouds. From the practicality facilitated by a top-filling system to the sheer pleasure of creating vast clouds with a turbo airflow system, these features coalesce to form the bedrock of a superior cloud-chasing vape pod system.

The top filling system stands out as a critical component.

Why You Should Choose GEN200/80S of Vaporesso?


When seeking a vape pod built for tireless cloud chasing, the GEN 200 & 80S kits stand out as apex systems designed specifically to satisfy even the most demanding vapor enthusiast. From unmatched airflow power to serious juice capacity, every feature amplifies volume and density to create the biggest, thickest plumes imaginable.


1. Turbo Airflow System

The crown jewel is undoubtedly the proprietary Turbo Airflow System that truly lives up to its name. By intensely maximizing air intake far beyond comparable pods, it creates enormously satisfying hits of startling size. Such intensely swirling airflow collides and combines with rich vapors to create supremely voluminous clouds that will leave vapers in awe. Yet remarkably, the accelerated cooling properties ensure even marathon sessions remain smooth and comfortable.


2. Liquid Self-Cleaning System

This groundbreaking airflow innovation pairs perfectly with self-cleaning technology to prevent any e-liquid build-up on heating elements. The result is profoundly pure flavor and vapor production. When using thick, high-VG blends, this clean functionality preserves their rich sweetness in enormous clouds.


3. 8ML Capacity

Chasing epic clouds demands deep e-liquid reserves. That's where the expansive 8ML pods come in, delivering substantial capacity for marathon vaping thanks to easy top-fill access. Now, you can focus on creating clouds, not constantly refilling. The variety of low-resistance GTi coils unlocks serious power for amplifying vapor production.


4. 4 Layers of Rubber Coating and Ergonomic Shape

Adding to the user-focused experience is an ingeniously lightweight yet hardy chassis, with ergonomic shapings made for comfortable extended handheld use. Wraparound rubberized coatings create a slip-free grip while staying soft to the touch, aided by specialized breathable materials that avoid fingerprints. Despite the gentle exterior, four layers of industrial metal spraying ensure extreme all-day durability.


With smart features that remove limitations around cloud chasing, encased beautifully portable shaping perfect for all environments, the GEN 200 & 80S kits represent the pinnacle for cloud-obsessed vapers. Simply put, no other comparable pod system turns e-liquid into enormous vapor so reliably.

Why You Should Choose GEN200/80S of Vaporesso?

Technique and Care for Epic Clouds


Crafting truly monumental clouds demands a compelling combination of cutting-edge vape pods and skillful user techniques. Even the most advanced devices need proper handling to reach their soaring potential.


Employ an assertive direct-to-lung inhale (DTL) to rapidly fill lungs with maximum vapor for a gigantic bloom upon exhalation. Develop a knack for steady, controlled breaths that optimize cloud density and consistency. Angle pods catch light dramatically, showcasing impressive size and spectacle.


Equally vital is attentive pod upkeep and maintenance. Routinely check clever self-cleaning systems still prevent coil clogging that degrades performance. Proactive coil priming and timely replacement preserve the awesome out-of-box vapor potential.


Yet, with extreme power comes increased risk if mishandled. Battery safety remains paramount, so use only quality cells from reputable brands, replacing any showing damage. Also, prioritize pod cleanliness near vulnerable electronics and connections to prevent issues.


With advanced GEN 200 & 80S pods as a foundation, cloud chasers' fine-tuned competency can unlock truly staggering vapor feats. By combining technical excellence with skill and care, you'll achieve the most monumental, visually striking plumes possible.

With advanced GEN 200 & 80S pods as a foundation, cloud chasers' fine-tuned competency can unlock truly staggering vapor feats.



Pursuing the perfect cloud is a personalized journey that balances advanced vape pod performance and enjoyment aligned with your individual style. While key technical elements like battery capacity, coil resistance and adjustable airflow enable visually impressive vapor production, the ideal setup harmonizes those cloud-chasing capabilities with portable form factors suited to your vaping preferences. By discovering devices like the GEN 200/80S that intersect innovative power with ergonomic shaping and custom tastes, enthusiasts can experience supremely satisfying clouds sculpted specially for them.