Vaping as a hobby: the best vape technology for hobbyists

Vaping is a growing trend all over the world. The past few years have seen vape technology explode so much that the changes are hard for even vaping veterans to keep track of. For some, it's the ideal avenue to help them quit smoking, for others it's a way of relaxing and getting their nicotine hit in a healthier way. Whereas vaping used to be a simple affair with a few different e-cigs or vaping pens on the market, full kits with mods are now firmly leading the way. When it comes vape technology, mods have changed the experience dramatically - allowing individuals to tailor their own style of vaping and try out different things. It's this key vape technology that has turned it into a hobby, and even non-smokers are getting involved.

What is a hobbyist vaper?

In vape circles, a hobbyist vaper is essentially someone who has never smoked but now vapes nicotine or none nicotine juice. Vape technology has given these - traditionally non-smokers - a route into vaping that fits around their needs. Do you want a strong throat hit? No throat hit? Perhaps you want a moderate amount of nicotine, or perhaps you want none at all? Do you want big flavoursome vape clouds or a subtle vaping experience? Vape technology today gives hobbyist vapers the chance to vape comfortably. It's less about getting a nicotine hit, and more about the relaxing and calming experience that only vaping can offer.

Vape technology for hobbyists

If, like many, you're a smoker looking to vaping as a good way to leave your tobacco days behind, you probably already know what you like. You'll be able to quickly find the right nicotine balance and the right throat hit. You'll also be used to the mouth-to-lung style of inhaling, which is absolutely fine. If you're an ex-smoker, you'll take naturally to it. If you're coming fresh into vaping with no prior smoking experience, you're free to carve out your own path, and direct-to-lung maybe more your pace. DTL is more about flavour and experience, where as MTL is more about getting the 'hit'. For more info on these vaping styles, check out our guide to various vaping styles.

If, as a hobbyist, your goal is maximum flavour and cloud production, you'll want to make the most of the vapes coil. The output and heat production will directly influence the intensity and flavour of your vaping experience. More e-liquid requires means more flavour, but you'll also need more power to 'vaporize' it.  If you're a direct-to-lung hobbyist, instead of a high resistance, low wattage configuration, you'll probably prefer a low resistance, high wattage combo. The market is also geared toward hobbyist vapers at the moment, which is great news for any non-smokers who are keen on getting involved. Any quick internet search on vaping or vaporizers, and direct-to-lung style vaping is prominent. If we search again for vaping mods, we find sub-ohm tanks and atomizers are advertised rather than high resistance platforms.

This is a good sign. While there is a strong market for ex smokers who want a good hit and a nicotine boost, it shows that vaping is bigger and better than smoking, with a much brighter (and healthier) future.