WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping 101: A round-up of essential tips for beginners

Vaping is soaring in popularity across the UK and US markets in particular, in spite of some recent bans and investigations that have come into play. Most of the research out there is still largely in favour of vaping as a vehicle for quitting traditional cigarettes, but there are those who vape for fun. It's relaxing, an excellent way to socialise and it's goes a lot deeper than you might think. Whether you just want to dip your toe in the water and try a basic vape kit or you want to become a full on vaping hobbyist and learn all about modding, you have to start somewhere, right? Here are some essential tips that everyone should follow. Remember, even the most suave vapers out there had to start somewhere... 

Learn and use e-juice as quickly as possible

When you start out, you might find a few basic vape pens that are disposable and come with a pre-filled cartrdige. You might think this is a good place to start without committing, but we wouldn't recommend it. These disposable pre-filled pens usually don't provide a great vaping experience, and they barely scratch the surface of what vaping really has to offer. Instead, we recommend getting an affordable and basic vape kit so you can practice with your own e-juices.  There are literally thousands of varieties on offer, so getting a broad selection to start with is a good idea. Most of them are quite cheap and do what they say on the tin, but always go to a reputable vendor.

Discover VG/PG ratios

Don't worry, this isn't as complicated as it first appears. Once you start shopping for e-juice, you're going to run into VG and PG a lot. E-juice is made with water, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), as well as any flavourings. The reason these two chemicals are of paricular importance is the way they can dramatically impact the vaping experience. For example, higher PG content will usually provide more of a throat hit and less cloud, and will be most similar to smoking a cigarette (if you're trying to quit). Higher VG content makes the e-juice thicker and more viscousy, so it clings to the cloil and produces big plumes of vapor. This is better for those who love producing big clouds and basking in the flavour of a long, relaxing toke. The ratios vary, so you'll have to find a balance you're comfortable with. Try a few out! 

If your quitting smoking, get the nicotine right

This is really important. Different e-juices will have different levels of nicotine in them, and if you're trying to wean yourself off a particular brand of cigarettes it's a good idea to try and match the nicotine content and lower it over time. If the nicotine level in your first e-juice is too low, you're likely to bounce off it really quickly and it won't give you the 'hit' you need and if it's too high you'll find it even harder to quit. Do some research into your favourte brand of cigarettes and try and find an e-juice with a matching nictone level if you can. 

Make friends with other vapers

We're not just talking about friends at the bar either. While you may have friends who vape that you can turn to for advice, sometimes the best place to look is online where advice can be objective and broad ranging. There are hundreds of vaping forums and websites out there that are loaded with useful information and people willing to offer wholesome advice. You can start your journey by leaving a comment below! If there's anything you're not sure about or you're an experienced vaper with some advice to add to this article, why not leave a few words?