Vaporesso in France

    Offering the highest quality in the vaping industry have always been the purpose of Vaporesso. Such high standards of excellency have allowed Vaporesso to spread its expertise worldwide, and particularly in France, where not only food, fashion and wine are expected to be a fine art. Vape tech is also expected to be a fine craft, and this is why Vaporesso has met a huge success in France.

Vaporesso, a trusted brand in France

    Impacting foreign markets has been a key to the worldwide success of Vaporesso. How was it achieved? Simply by providing top of the line products to foreign wholesalers and thus gaining a lasting trust from them. Showing constantly the vaping industry that products are irreproachable is a guaranty to gain trust, and thus manage to gain french Wholesalers like ADNS France as well.


A strict legislation that fits our wholesaler standards

    In France, as in whole Europe, laws concerning the vape industry are very strict in order to put consumers safety and health at the forground of the vaping experience. That’s exactly what Vaporesso offers. From 10ml e-liquide bottles with nicotine, to extremely thorough labels, to children safety caps, vaporesso e-liquids are amongst the best, and managed to adapt to European legislation (TPD). Not only that, but with over 300 key patents in the vaping industry, assures our clients in France that they’ll be provided with safe and high qualities products. That is no wonder that our e-cigarettes products are met with such success over in France. And no wonder that we are having many Vaporesso reference amongst our catalogue. It is made from the very best materials, and we know it.


Where are Vaporesso e-cigarettes available in France?

    That’s right, Thanks to our network, Vaporesso electronic cigarettes products can be found from Paris to French Riviera, and all over the country, in every vaping shop that wants only the best products for their customers. Which means almost all of them.


Vaporesso greatest hits in France

    So what are the best-selling Vaporesso products in France? Well quite unsurprisingly, the same as everywhere else! A great mix between products meeting first time vapers needs and products dedicated to experimented ones. Let us tell you what are our Vaporesso best sellers in France. (Below results was supported by ADNS Wholesaler France)


Tarot Nano TC80 Kit

     E-cigarette Tarot Nano kit is a compact version of Vaporesso’s Tarot Kit. With is OLED screen and multiple available settings, it’s perfect to whom wants a very customized vaping experience. Extending the possibilities to the possibility of controlling the heating curve, users will be able to vary the coils temperature or to modulate it on a precise amount of time.  A connoisseur product that has been met with great success in France.

SWAG 80W Kit

    The Swag 80W kit is occupying the space that was left between the Tarot Nano et the Tarot Baby kit. Like these ones, the Swag 80W kit is an ergonomic product thanks to its curved angles, so that it perfectly fits your hand. More over the Swag 80W kit can deliver with an astonishing stability 80w power, even in TC mode. It’s compact, powerful, reliable, and elegant. Everything Vaporesso is about, and thus a hit in France.

Veco One Kit

    With this electronic cigarette, Vaporesso is aiming to satisfy new vapers, trying to quit smoking. It is as simple to use as it is efficient: Very! It’s been thought, engineered and built to meet the needs of people who stopped recently to smoke and need to feel the sensations of a classic cigarette. However, it is complex enough to meet also the needs of experimented vapers who need an extra e-cigarette.




ADNS, a electronic cigarettes wholesaler in France since 2013

As soon as it was founded in 2013, ADNS became the leader wholesaler in electronic cigarettes in France. Specialized in providing professionals with electronic cigarettes materials and e-liquids. It has since then become an indispensable actor of the french e- cigarettes industry. It has now more than 85000 references available in this domain, and is providing vape shops with top products, not only in France but in over 50 countries. To date there are more than 4500 shops ordering their products to French ADNS wholesaler on a daily basis.