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    Vaper’s Tongue: Why it happens and how to get rid of it

    Have you ever had this experience while vaping, when suddenly your tongue just can’t tell the flavor of the e-juice? If so, then you have vapers tongue: a vaper loses the ability to taste vape juice suddenly and unexpectedly. Don’t panic! If you unfortunately come across this situation, it's only temporary.

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  • by Eve Wang, 23 May 2019

    What is an RDA Vape?

    What is an RDA Vape?


        RDA is an acronym for rebuildable dripping atomizer. New vapers quickly learn all about atomizers and how they work in an electronic cigarette. In an RDA, users build their own coils and install the wire themselves. To vape the eliquid, it is dripped onto the cotton and wire. The vapor is drawn directly up through the mouthpiece, or drip tip. It is most often after trying cig-alikes and vape pens that vapers seeking a stronger, more flavorful draw will eventually find more advanced vaping apparatus such as an RDA.

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  • by Eve Wang, 24 Apr 2019

    Who Invented Vaping?

    With so much hype and controversy about vaping, it is useful to go back and examine how long vapes have been around. While you may think that vaping is extremely new, people around the world have been experimenting with vaping and e-cigarettes for several decades now. To answer that question who invented vaping, we have to go travel throughout several decades of history and meet several individuals who were passionately looking for an alternative to old-fashioned smoking.

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  • by Eve Wang, 25 Mar 2019

    Are There Any Health Dangers With Vaping?

    What are the dangers of vaping? There is an ongoing debate about the dangers of  vaping and how it compares to tobacco smoking. In order to fully appreciate the health benefits of vaping, let’s first look at tobacco smoking.

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  • by Eve Wang, 11 Mar 2019

    How Long Does Vape Juice Last

    A popular question that many people ask about vape juice is how long it lasts. As vape juice does contain a series of food-based ingredients that will expire, it is important to consider that vape juice does have a set expiry date. The shelf life of any e-juice will depend on the type of ingredients that can be found inside. It's important to never consider using a vape juice if the ingredients seem to have:

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    Vaporesso in France

        Offering the highest quality in the vaping industry have always been the purpose of Vaporesso. Such high standards of excellency have allowed Vaporesso to spread its expertise worldwide, and particularly in France, where not only food, fashion and wine are expected to be a fine art. Vape tech is also expected to be a fine craft, and this is why Vaporesso has met a huge success in France.

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    How is Vaping Accepted in Today’s Society?

    TT: The Acceptance of Vaping in our society

  • by Eve Wang, 19 Oct 2016

    3 Key Vape Industry Trends in 2016

    This year has been a challenging year for the vape industry, almost certainly its most challenging yet. With regulations coming into effect in various parts of the world that could prove to have significant consequences on the growth of the global industry, and a ceaseless war between differing schools of thought over the health implications of vaping, there has been enough controversy in the vape world to shroud the whole thing in smoke.

  • by Eve Wang, 14 Oct 2016

    Campaigns That Are Driving The Vape Industry

    In the current vaping times, the digital world seems to be ablaze with campaigns that are driving specific vaping agendas. On the surface, these agendas can be broken down as having simple ‘for’ or ‘against’ motives - but the more one gets into them the more one gets the feeling that these agendas carry larger influence, perhaps aimed at swaying the market in a particular direction.

    In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted some telling points on how the war between vaping and big tobacco is playing out right now. In California, there are two opposing campaigns that are working hard at driving their particular agenda to their target audience: stillblowingmoke.org and notblowingsmoke.org.

    Here, we’ll take a look at the overarching messages of both - what they’re trying to achieve, how they’re going about it, and how successful they are at it. We’ll also take a look at just what this means for the vaping industry in the US as a whole.

  • by Eve Wang, 5 Oct 2016

    Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting Out in The Vape Industry

    If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to grow a business in the vape industry, there are a few things you should know about the business that can help better prepare you for the road ahead.

    Luckily, the vape market is full of like-minded entrepreneurs who have walked that same road and can provide some valuable insights into this incredibly dynamic and fast-growing industry.

    So, with this in mind, here's some advice on how you, the vape entrepreneur, can make your entry into the vape market a smoother ride.