WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Instruction of laser anti-counterfeiting label

Providing the highest quality products and remarkable vaping experience has always been the goal of VAPORESSO. The positive feedback from our customers and the lowest return rate in the entire vaping market is evidence to prove our efforts.


However, with the development of our brand and the increasing popularity of our products, some counterfeit manufacturers have also begun to try to imitate our products in an attempt to seize the vaping market through the influence of our brand. They may be able to design the appearance of counterfeit products similar to our products, but they will never get the advanced technology inherent in our products. Nevertheless, these forgeries still pose a great hidden danger to our brand as their quality and safety performance cannot be guaranteed.


With the continuous upgrading of anti-counterfeiting technology, products from VAPORESSO are now adopting the latest version of the laser anti-counterfeiting label to prevent counterfeit imitations from causing unnecessary false purchases, damaging the brand and even worse – personal injury. In this way, we can guarantee the quality and credibility of our products in the market, and hold better responsibility for our customers.


For our latest laser anti-counterfeiting label verification, it’s super easy with only two steps required.


Step 1

Check the label directly by flipping the label under light with different angel, and you will see the positioning of the “V” changing.





Step 2

Scratch the cover of QR code (For unopened packages, the cover of QR code should remain intact) and use your mobile to scan QR code to verify.