Is it FAKE? - VAPORESSO Launches Special Anti-counterfeiting Action

    Recently, VAPORESSO took instant action to combat multiple instances of counterfeit manufacturers. During the entire operation codenamed "COMBAT READY," VAPORESSO teamed up with local police to seek and destroy counterfeit dens which maintained their business by faking VAPORESSO products.


    Under the full support of the police force, VAPORESSO successfully shut down the counterfeit manufacturers' workshops. They also seized and confiscated a large number of counterfeit VAPORESSO products and related production equipment. In this way, to their knowledge VAPORESSO has completely erased these counterfeiting and selling gangs off the map. Effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of its customers, using practical actions to prevent brand images and brand value from being impacted.


    Also a new method of Anti-counterfeiting labels have been produced and attached to all VAPORESSO products. For more information please check:


    With the flourishing development of the atomization industry over the years, VAPORESSO is becoming more and more popular in this newly born market by its leading technology and strong R&D capabilities. However, with the increasing of the influence range, groups that copy and counterfeit VAPORESSO products are also beginning to emerge.


    Counterfeiters use inferior materials to manufacture products in their outdated workshops that do not conform to the related sanitary standards and technical specifications. They were using the counterfeit goods to steal the share of the market. These inferior products not only seriously disrupt the standard market order, but additionally, bring significant safety risks to the majority of users.


    Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, VAPORESSO has a powerful R&D team with strong manufacturing strength, and always insists on independent innovation. VAPORESSO owns an industry-leading atomization technology researching institution and testing center. Which is committed to building a world-leading atomization technology platform. What's more, VAPORESSO has independent intellectual property rights to these products. These products marketed in dozens of countries and regions are highly recognized and praised in the global market, with a wide range of brand influence.


    Fraudulent and counterfeit sellers are willing to take risks to market the fakes, which is a felony act. VAPORESSO has the interests of customers and their legitimate rights as a top priority. Therefore with zero-tolerance, VAPORESSO will continue to increase its global anti-counterfeiting efforts to wipe those business entities out. Meanwhile, VAPORESSO kindly reminds its customers to choose official channels when purchasing VAPORESSO products or to follow the new Anti-counterfeiting labels.