Tarot Nano  X  OMNI Board 2.0 Aspired to Intelligence

We are glad to present you the brand new Tarot Nano with the OMNI Board 2.0! With this upgraded several amazing new features are available for your vaping experience.

Main new updates are as below:

1. Add SYSTEM SET menu. 
Shortcuts to enter: Long hold FIRE and "-" button simultaneously for 1.5s 
2. Add Charging countdown RCT function (remaining charging time)
3. Add 3 different modes under smart VW mode: VW-H(high)/VW-N(Normal) VW-S(Soft) . Default mode: VW-H
4. Add Start watts set in VT mode
5. Add TCR set in different VT(Ni/SS/Ti) mode
6. Add Default set allows one-key recovery to factory settings
7. Add Smart mode ON/OFF set
8. Add screen timeout set: time ranges from 3s to 120s 
9. BYPASS mode changed to BYPASS-H mode 
10. Add screen brightness adjustment

Check the new firmware now and start the adventure! Hope you like the upgrades and enjoy vaping with Vaporesso.

Tarot Nano, really small big kit!