Vaporesso Firmware Installation Guidance

Vaporesso Firmware Guidance


1. Download the firmware package from

      * This firmware applies to Target Pro, Tarot Pro, Tarot Nano, Tarot Mini Attitude kit and Revenger Kit (TPCBAT10).

 2. Run the Installer file and install the firmware. 

     *Please do not change the default install folder, otherwise the installation could fail.


Update and Customize

1. Run the firmware and turn your Vaporesso device off before connection.


2. If the device is with battery, pull it out, and hold down the fire button before plug it into the pc to get connected, only release the fire button after connection is successfully built. 

The name of your device will appear in Current Device list blank after connection.


3. Choose “Rom Update,” and accordingly select the latest firmware update that you shall have downloaded from the website. Suitable model and firmware version will be shown on screen.


4. Press the download button to update the firmware. Wait until the updating percent reach 100%. 


5. To customize your device, go to “Customize.” This section will allow you to set your own function and display, including the watts and temperature curve under CCW/CCT mode. After the customize work is done, click Write to Device button so that the set will be written to your mod. 


6. Finally, click Disconnect button. Pull out the cable of your device and turn it on. Enjoy vaping your updated device now!



Frequently asked questions:

  1. Why I can not connect my device to pc?
  2. Please make sure your device is turned off and battery out. And you keep holding fire button before insert the cable.
  3. Try use a new cable to make sure this was not caused by a faulty cable.
  4. Why I can not update firmware?
  5. Please make sure the firmware version you chose is the correct one matches your device.
  6. Try use a new cable to make sure this was not caused by a faulty cable.

If any further questions, just feel free to contact our customer service

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