Firmware for Mac system is online now!

We are so glad to announce that the Mac firmware version for our whole product line is online now! Thanks all for your care and valuable feedback that made us doing better. Vaporesso pursuits better vaping experience all the way and now please just enjoy it with Mac system!


Just kindly follow below instructions to update your product firmware on Mac system:


This zip file  only includes install file for Mac system. After the installation, please refer to corresponding firmware for each product on download page and follow the instruction inside to finish firmware update.


Currently there are 2 versions of firmware on new products from Revenger kit (Revenger/RevengerX/RevengerMini/SWAG/TransformerwithNRG). Please follow below instructions to check which one your device is compatible with.


You can check the firmware version in System set (For products chip after OMNI board 2.2: RevengerX/Revengermini/TransformerwithNRG) or by short-cuts: pressing fire and mode button simultaneously for 2 seconds (For products chip before OMNI Board 2.2)


Enjoy vaping with Vaporesso!