How to Use Push Button Vape Pen| A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

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When you get a vape pen, you must be eager to turn it on. Take it easy. Let’s see how to use the push button vape pen.

How to use a vape pen with button:

  • Five clicks to turn it on.
  • Three clicks to change the heat setting.
  • Five clicks to turn it back off.

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Top Five Questions asked about Vape Pens - For First Timers and Newbies

Before asking questions, it’s necessary to know the components of a vape pen. In fact, most vape pens have the same parts, though some will differ slightly.


Table of Contents:

What is a vape pen?


Vape pens contain a battery, an atomizer, a cartridge or tank, a sensor and a mouthpiece.



VM STICK 18 from Vaporesso.When the user sucks on the mouthpiece, the battery sends a charge to the sensor which causes the temperature in the atomizer to rise. This heat up the liquid in the cartridge and transforms it into vapor. The vapor passes through the device and into the mouth of the user who releases it by exhaling.


How to turn on/off a vape pen?


Here are the steps:

1. Press the button rapidly 5 times

2. Notice the light on the button flashing

3. The battery is now activated, you can push and hold the button as you're inhale your vape.

4. Rapidly click the button 5 times to turn the battery off.





How to adjust heating settings?


Press the power button for 3 times continuously to adjust the output power.



ORCA SOLO PLUS from Vaporesso


How to inhale for the first time?


  1. Use the manual

You should read it in order to avoid complications or potential errors.

  1. Power it Up

Charge the batteries using the chargers supplied by the manufacturer.

  1. Prime Your Pen

Most vapers test run their pens without any juice or vaping material for the first time. This is known as priming.

  1. Load the tank


How to fill a vape pen?

  • Disassemble Your Tank Fill Dropper With e-liquid
  • Fill tank but avoid the middle hole
  • Disperse e-liquid along the inside of the tank
  • Screw airflow base back onto tank with the battery end down
  • Please wait 5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil completely.

The above procedure is not the only way to load the tank of your vape pen. There are different models so naturally there will be different filling methods.


Here are some tips for filling your vape pen with e-juice


A: Unscrew the top lid from glass tube and fill e-juice, like vaporesso veco solo plus

B: Unscrew the drip tip and fill e-juice, like vaporess sky solo plus

C: Slide and fill design (Rotate and push away drip tip to fill, like vaporesso cascade series).Please make sure don’t over fill.


Vape Away


Click the button five times to start the vape pen. When the indicator light is on, put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw in a breath of the atomized e-juice of your choice or flavor.


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