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Quit smoking: how to choose the right vape kit for you

Now that 2017 is drawing to a close, it's a good chance to look back across the year and see what's happened in the world of vaping. There's no doubt it's been monumental. We've had a landmark study from Public Health England which claims that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco. Despite vaping being banned in some public spaces around New York, it's still booming in popularity. And last but not least, cigarette sales are falling in key markets like the UK and US. This may not be good for the government's purse (think tobacco tax), but it's certainly good news for everyone else. It's largely down to smokers who want to become ex-smokers, and how vaping helps them achieve it. If you're currently hooked on cigarettes and think that, like thousands of others, you may be able cut them out of your life by vaping as a healthy alternative, where do you start? 

What are vape kits?

Most advanced vapers will use mods and tailor their experience using different hardware and components. These can vary from different coils and wicks to varying types of batteries and tanks, all of which combine to give the vaper the exact hit their looking for. Some might like big clouds and intense nicotine-free flavour, others may be after something more discreet with a small nicotine hit. Vapes can most certainly be modded, and it time you might decide to mod too. For now though, vape kits are a good place to start.

A good vape kit will give you everything you need to get started right out of the box. Instead of spending money on components and watching how-to videos on YouTube, you can 'plug and play' right out of the box and start experimenting with the thing that matters most at the beginning of your vaping journey - the flavour and balance. 

Simply put, vape kits give you a way of experimenting right away so that you can find a vape style that's right for you. It's where we all started. 

Vape kits that work for you

We're all different. Finding a vape kit that's right for you may take a bit of experimenting at first, but there some things you should bear in mind when you start shoppping for one. Some vape kits will be quite advanced and others will be fairly basic - make sure you read around to find one that suits your 'level'. If you're new to vaping, something like our Veco Solo range would be a perfect fit as it's reliable, compact and has everything you need right out of the box to start vaping. For those who have a bit of experience already and want to experiment with a more advanced kit, the Target or Attitude ranges may be more suited as they're a little more customisable. Generally speaking, the more 'customisable' the kit, the more advanced it is. To begin with, get something that's ready to go and start experimenting with vape styles and juices. 

Once you've picked the right kit, it's time to pick the right juice. This is where it can get quite tricky for smokers who are looking for a route off tobacco. You don't want to go cold turkey and cut out nicotine immediately, but you also don't want to up your dosage and start taking in higher amounts of nicotine than your usual brand of cigarettes. You may have to explore and try a few different strengths, then gradually move onto juices with less and less nicotine until you barely notice it. 

Then you can finally throw away that emergency cigarette pack you've been storing on the top shelf with confidence. 

What have you experiences been with starter vape kits? Are you an ex-smoker who'd like to share some advice with our readers? Perhaps you're new to vaping and aren't sure where to begin. Either way, feel free to comment below. We'd love to hear from you. 

Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 17 Nov 2017


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