Vaping 101: a beginner’s guide to vaping correctly

Whether you’re trying out vaping because you’ve seen some of your friends looking ultra relaxed with vaporizer in hand, or you’ve joined the community from quitting smoking, you could probably use some help as a newbie vaper with how to do it correctly.

In this vaping 101 blog post we're going to look in more detail at how best to vape when you're a beginner...

Vaping 101: Where To Start When Vaping

As with everything in the vape world, there is no ONE right way to do things. But there are some tips and techniques that could help you on your way to having that super satisfying experience that you’re no doubt after.

This advice comes from pros and enthusiasts (like me) who’ve all learned things the hard way on their journey so that you can enjoy a smooth ride into the fun and exciting world of vaping.

You don’t need to inhale directly

fashionable guy vaping

This might sound somewhat counterintuitive, especially if you’re an ex-smoker, but vapour, unlike tobacco smoke, is not necessarily meant to be inhaled directly into the lungs. You’ll want to try and experiment with a little bit of a draw - which is allowing the vapour to sit in your mouth for a few seconds before you think about inhaling into your lungs.

When you’re inhaling your vape atomizer, you’ll also want to give it a nice smooth draw - that is don’t try to draw short, sharp inhales. You wouldn’t want to cough or worse, get any of the e-liquid in your mouth (heads up: it definitely doesn’t taste as good in its pure form…). We recommend that you get to grips with a few different methods of inhalation first, before you go full swing into the vape world. 

Why the draw?

vaping 101 the draw

The reason for getting into the habit of a nice, smooth draw is a two-fold one. Firstly, your vape atomizer is designed to function better with a smooth draw. It’s important to understand some of the technology behind how your vaporizer works, so that can get a grip on why you’d want to try certain techniques.

Secondly, nicotine in a water-based medium (vapour) can be absorbed into your blood vessels in your mouth. If you prefer, you need not inhale the vapour into your lungs at all to get your nicotine fix. It usually takes about 30 seconds to feel the nicotine rush after the draw. 

As a beginner, we recommend starting with a 5-6 second draw and enjoying the relaxing experience and taste of vapour in your mouth. We also recommend starting out with a low-level nicotine e-liquid, so that you don’t run the risk of having an unpleasant experience right at the start of your journey.

As you can probably already tell, there are many ways to find the right vape experience for you. It’s all just about doing a little bit of research to get started with and then experimenting as much as you can so that you can find the vape experience that you’re really after.

However, these few tips and techniques should help you to have a smoother ride. Remember: vaping is not meant to be rushed. It’s meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed setting so that you can open your senses to all the wonders and sensations that a vapourizer has to offer.

It’s a world of discovery waiting for you out there! Get started slowly and do it the right way from the start and you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of vaping satisfaction.