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Vaping 101: How to Keep Vape Batteries Safe.

The main component of a vaporizer and the one that needs to be cared for and kept safely is the battery. Like with any other device, using an unsafe battery can cause a lot of damage. Look no further as we offer tips on how to keep vape batteries safe and how to increase their lifespan.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Vape battery

factors to consider when buying vape batteries

Apart from the make and model of your vape, one needs consider the following:

  • High capacity - quite simply, this determines how long you can smoke before you need to recharge the battery.
  • High current rating - a vaporizer should ideally have a battery that can deliver the required current without overheating. You can either have a high capacity battery or a high current battery, but not both. You will have to decide what your trade-off is to be.
  • High voltage when vaping - with a higher voltage you will get a higher volume of vapor as more current is sent through to the coil. This results in an enhanced vaping experience. Different batteries run at different voltages even if the same amount of current is being drawn from each of them.
  • Low operating temperature - this is probably the most crucial factor when deciding what battery to purchase as the operating temperature determines how long your battery will last. If the operating temperature is too high, it can result in premature aging, damage or cause the battery to burst.

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How to keep vape batteries safe

how to keep vape batteries safe

Vaping technology has increased rapidly over the last few years and its cloud shows no sign of clearing up anytime soon. Even though vapes have advanced from being home made in someone's garage to now being purchased on any high street, it still contains a battery that has the potential to become explosive at any point. Also, as sub ohm vaping increases in popularity so do the safety hazards.

Disposable vape batteries:

disposable vape batteries

Most regulated mods come with batteries that are sealed into the device. These are disposable batteries and once they have reached their lifespan of between 2 and 3 years, they aren't easily replaced. Here are some tips on how to keep your vape battery safe:

  • Protection - the protection around these batteries is generally just an aluminium foil covering. A small knock or drop can cause a serious dent and damage to the battery. If you drop or knock your battery, place it in a sealed aluminium container immediately. Dispose of the battery at a recycling plant.
  • Penny wise and pound foolish - never go for the cheaper or unauthentic option. Purchase your battery from an authorized dealer and be sure that it's the correct battery for your vape. Quality is imperative in keeping your vape battery safe.
  • Using the correct coils - most mods have a limit to what kind of ohms coil they can use. Find out what the range is on your mod and never go below it. This is especially important when it comes to sub ohm vaping.
  • Safe storing - be sure to keep your vape battery safe by keeping out of direct sunlight and away from flammable materials.
  • Charging your battery correctly- make sure that you use the recommended charging device and that your power output matches your mods. If your charger has a higher voltage than your battery, you could overheat the battery.
  • Overcharging - never leave your battery to charge overnight as it may catch alight. Charge your battery somewhere you can keep an eye on it and remove once it is fully charged. Most devices will stop charging the battery automatically once it's full, but be cautious as there have been instances where this has failed.

Removable batteries:

This is a more economical option as the batteries can be easily replaced once they have been worn out. Most of the tips above on vape battery safety also relate to removable batteries, but there are a few additional pointers that apply only to removable batteries. These factors are:

  • Never exceed the amps of your battery - this is quite technical, but it's a fundamental rule of battery safety. Take the discharge rate (the amps) of your battery, then divide your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and make sure you never exceed your battery’s amp rating. To read up more on the battery's amp rating, click here.
  • Battery holder - never carry the batteries loosely as they may rub up against metal coins or keys and fail. They may also leak or explode.

We hope that this post has enlightened you on how to keep vape batteries safe and simplified the technicalities around your vape battery. By not adhering to the guidelines set above, one may get seriously injured because of an unsafe battery. Be sure to purchase your paraphernalia from authorized stockists and remember that quality is always safer than quantity. If you are unsure about anything related to your vaporizer, speak to a stockist. This knowledge is not only valuable for regular vapors, but for the retailer and distributors as well. It is imperative that the safety of the vape consumer comes first.

What are your tips on looking after vape batteries? What’s one piece of advice about batteries you could share with fellow vapers, or have you had a bad experience with them?

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