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How to choose the right vape batteries

Any experienced vaper will tell you that your choice of battery matters. If you’re looking at purchase a vaping kit or are relatively new to the world of advanced vaping, your attention might be more focused on coils, wicks and tanks, but vape batteries are one of the most crucial components of any vaping setup.  Not only do you need to look for vape batteries that have a long life and offer good performance, they must also be safe and kept safe.  Naturally, the kinds of battery you can get might be limited to your setup and the make and model of your vape, but here are a few crucial things to bear in mind when choosing and caring for a battery.


Check voltage and temperature of vape batteries

For most appliances, we’re usually only concerned with the capacity; how long will it last between charges? However, things get a little more detailed with vaping. A battery with high capacity typically can’t have a high current aswell, so there’s an immediate tradeoff to consider. Voltage is another factor; a higher voltage will make for bigger clouds as more current is sent through the coil. This is ideal for Sub Ohm Vaping. Perhaps more crucial than current, voltage and capacity, is temperature. Temperature is often overlooked when selecting vape batteries. Simply put, the temperate you battery reaches while in use and on charge will determine how long it lasts. Cheaper batteries tend to operate at higher temperatures, resulting in premature aging or even damage such as bursting. Both of which can be costly in the long run.


Using removable vape batteries safely

Most of the risks with vape batteries come from Sub Ohm Vaping which typically draws a big current to produce bigger clouds, but when used properly you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  Batteries in any kind of product come with some element of risk, from tablets and smartphones to laptops and other devices. One of the most basic rules of battery safety is to never exceed the amps of your battery. You should also be sure never to carry batteries around loosely, as they can rub up against other things in your pocket such as keys or coins which can damage them permanently. You also run the risk of allowing your battery to take a knock and start leaking which can lead to more serious problems.


Replacing disposable vape batteries

Having a removable battery may the better option economically, but if you’ve bought a vaping kit it’s highly likely that you’ll have a disposable battery to start off with. This is fine, and they usually last around 2 or 2 years which isn’t bad at all, but they aren’t very easy to replace.  If you do want to stick with disposable batteries to avoid the need to recharge, you should make sure that you get the right kind of battery for your particular vape. If you’re not sure, ask - and always get your vape batteries from an authorised and trusted source!


If you’ve got any questions about our products or are just curious about vaping in general, feel free to comment or get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 29 May 2017


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