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What is a Mech Mod? Are Mech Mods for you?

Have you ever wondered, “what is a mech mod?” Well, you’re not alone. If you’re considering a mech mod, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn all you need to know here.

In the world of vaping, some terms can get complicated and confusing; there are so many types of devices that you can use and you might just get lost in the technicalities. Basically, there are 5 general types of vaping devices: pod, stick/pen, box, squonk, and mech mods. We’re exploring mech mods in this article, so let’s get started.

What is a Mech Mod?

A mech mod is short for a mechanical mod. They can be found as mech mod vapes or mech mod kits, depending on if they’re being sold as a full-package.


Mech mods are composed of a housing unit that holds a battery and has an attachable atomizer, usually rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs). The battery is positioned to connect with the top cap (the positive side) and the bottom cap (the negative side). The mech mod is then operated with the push of a single fire button, typically located on the bottom or the side.

When it comes down to it, vapers love mech mods for the power and experience that they can provide. Usually, they’re for advanced vapers as they can be intimidating and complex for new vapers. Heavily sought after for the cloud chasers, mech mods can be further divided into regulated and unregulated categories.

Mech Mods vs. Regulated Mods

Mech mods, even the best ones, are usually unregulated. This means that this device is essentially a cylindrical mod that is powered by a battery but has no type of circuit board or chipset. While that means that all of the battery’s power goes straight to giving vapers those dense and envious clouds, there are no safety features attached to this device.

There are some advantages to not having a chipset to regulate a mech mod besides just the vapor production.

  • Mech mods will keep firing regardless of the resistance of the coils – even really low sub-ohm vaping will be okay.
  • Mech mods are also very easy to operate since you don’t really have to worry about changing the wattage, or any other settings for that matter.
  • The only thing that you have to do is press the fire button and you’ll be all set with operating your mech mod.

The disadvantages, however, may be the reason mech mods aren’t as popular outside of the advanced vapers’ circle or the die-hard classic vapers.

  • We mentioned that mech mods don’t have a circuit board built-in, so it’s possible for beginners to misunderstand the ease of using them. Mech mods are still complex in their own rights because you have to understand how they operate.
  • It’s easy to burn coils because of the uncontrollable wattage settings and inability to read the resistance of your coils.
  • Your atomizer may draw unsafe currents from your batteries and vaporize the metal in the coil.
  • There is no 10 second cut-off so your mech mod will continue to fire while you’re holding down the fire button, causing thermal runaway to become a danger.

Regulated mods will probably be the more common kinds of mods that you’ll see vapers using and are usually the recommended option for beginners. The other general types of vaping devices mentioned earlier will pretty much fall under the regulated category.

  • Box mods, pod systems, pen styles, etc. are generally regulated by a central circuit board or chipset.
  • They have safety features built-in that will help vapers have a safer and more customizable experience.
  • The circuit board keeps regulated devices from getting too hot when vaping and will cut-off the currents after 10 seconds so that vapers will not run into the thermal runaway problem.
  • Vapers can also choose at what wattage they want to vape at as well as customize other settings.
  • Users can upgrade the firmware.

A screen is usually included in the design so that you can monitor your battery consumption, what the resistance of your coil is, what wattage you’re vaping at, etc.


Types of Mech Mods

Mech mods come in an assortment of shapes and sizes – you might have seen some crazy big ones out and about or at vape expos.

  • The first time of mech mods were tube mech mods, aka tubes that just held a battery or batteries. Common batteries in these types of mech mods are 18650s, and sometimes, the batteries would be stacked on top of each other in what are known as stacked mech mods.
  • Box style mech mods are also a thing. In these type of devices, you can have dual batteries to operate with and double your potential power output.
  • Box style mech mods also come in two different forms. If the batteries are placed with the top end in the same direction, you won’t be necessarily doubling your battery life even if you’re doubling the power output. If you have the batteries in a parallel configuration (one positive side up and the other with the positive side down), however, you will get the benefit of both more power and more battery life.

Are Mech Mods for me?

Honestly, mech mods are a personal choice. Most people will not recommend getting a mech mod – even if you’re an advanced vaper – unless you have a strong understanding of how they operate. Mech mods require a little more studying on the mechanics because you’ll have to know about currents, Ohms law, and battery safety, just to name a few.

>Here are some things that you’ll need to know if you’re seriously considering using a mech mod:

  • Using the right batteries is very important. Do your research on what type of power source your device needs.
  • Invest in a battery charger so that you know when to stop charging your batteries. Overcharged batteries can be a dangerous thing.
  • Check your circuits. It’s important to check the resistances of the atomizer so that you can ensure It is compatible with your device.
  • Misfiring can be dangerous so make sure you store your mech mod in a safe place – never in a pocket or purse without first making sure it’s locked or without an atomizer in case of a continued misfire.
  • Quality is key. Make sure to do your research to find a high end mod and not a cheap mech mod. Even if it is more expensive, the quality of the mech mod can affect the safety of the device.
  • Choose from a trusted brand. Try not to buy knock-offs or cheaper versions of look-a-likes. Try to go only for the authentic mech mods.

Some advanced vapers and trickers will enjoy using mech mods because even without the regulating chipsets and seemingly customizable experiences, mech mods are still versatile. People who like to build RDAs can also enjoy using the power of mech mods.

Unless you are keen on learning about all the technicalities to ensure a good vaping experience with mech mods, regulated mods are a great option. They are usually user-friendly and convenient to find and use. One of the big advantages is that you can customize your vaping experiences with regulated mods by being able to visualize the settings instead of having to study and understand how to customize your experience with a mech mod without being able to see how your coil reacts with the power.

If you do end up choosing to try out a mech mod, learn about the details before you get one. It will make your cloud chasing experience that much sweeter.

If you’re looking for some of the best mech mods in 2019, check out this list:

  1. Ragnorak Full Copper by VLS

This 24mm diameter beauty is made from 99.99% pure red copper. All materials are high quality and made in the USA, which makes the $99.99 price-tag worth it.

  1. Sleeve Mod by Limitless

Affordable and well-assembled, this direct battery-to-atomizer hybrid has excellent conductivity and replaceable sleeves so you can customize the look. Made from 7071 aluminum, this device also features an adjustable Delrin section at the bottom connection so you can adjust it according to your battery.

  1. Timesvape Dreamer Mech Mod

Compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries, this multi-point contact pin device ensures optimum conductivity. At just 27mm in diameter and with various colors and finishes available, this hybrid-style, single tube mech is one of the best mech mods of 2019.