WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Choose Suitable Modes and Watts for Your Revenger Kit!

With more our fans start vaping with Revenger kit and NRG(mini) tank, more users had found out the pleasure to enjoy the experience under different modes.


How to enjoy it to the full? Here is one really useful but essential tip: Choose the suitable VW mode for your coils. Under different VW modes, especially HIGH and NORMAL, different watts are required.


VW-HIGH mode : The kit provides a higher start watt in the first few seconds to bring you a stronger hit and wonderful vaping experience.

VW-NORMAL mode (default): The kit provides set watts during vaping. Vapers can enjoy pure vaping here.

VW-SOFT mode: Contrary to VW-HIGH, SOFT mode provides a lower start watt.



Just follow each level recommendation and enjoy your vaping!

Eve Wang

Post by Eve Wang , 10 Aug 2017

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