WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

    AUG. 20- AUG. 30

    Design the XROS as you like, with your colors, texts, images. Share your design on Instagram /Facebook with #designyourxros. Remember to tag us.

  • TOP 10

    AUG. 31

    Vaporesso will select Top 10 designs from #designyourxros
    And publish on this page, available for you to vote for Top 3.

  • VOTE

    SEP. 1- SEP. 7

    Vote for your favorites. If they make it to the TOP 3, you might win one! Limited to 3 votes per person. 15 voters will be randomly chosen for each of the TOP 3 designs.

  • TOP 3 & 45 LUCKY

    SEP. 8

    Top 3 designs are selected by number of votes. Their customized XROS will be built by VAPORESSO. And they’ ll get 5 of them, another 15 devices will be given to their supporters. The 15 lucky supporters will also be published here.


Check all colors for XROS here.
Then design yours, with one of the following 2 looks.

Colors (with Texts)
Specified Image
Please upload an image sized 95px * 370px, or let us crop it.
Download my Design * Share your design on Instagram/Facebook with #designyourxros. Remember to tag Vaporesso.

Top 10 designs for XROS

Top 3 designs for XROS

  • Designer beernica_

    Lucky Supporters

  • Designer @vadimpakholyuk

    Lucky Supporters

  • Designer @bagusfauziefendy

    Lucky Supporters

Congratulations to all the winners! Please email marketing@vaporesso.com your shipping address, in the following format:

Zip code:
Phone number:

The devices are in production. Please be patient and we'll inform you updates via email.


1. Age requirements determined by local law.
2. Share with #designyourxros, make sure it’s not private.
3. All winners will be contacted by email.
4. Please follow us on:
@VaporessoEcig and @vaporesso_ecig for updates.