WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
  • 1000 free XROS POD packs

  • 1 amazon e-gift card $200

How To Participate?

  • Scratch the cover of QR code to get your unique Security Code,which you will need to verify prove that you own a XROS.
  • Choose the poster that matches your XROS experience the best to generate your unique poster.
  • Share your unique poster (with some personal experience) on social media with hashtags #vaporessoxros #xrostestimonial #pod
  • Tag us and 3 friends:
    @vaporesso_ecig , @VaporessoEcig


1. You should be of legal vaping age to participate.
2. You could generate and share 3 different posters.
3. The information collected will be used for future contact with Vaporesso. It won’t be shared with any third party, and you’re free to cancel anytime.
4. The shipping charges may be applied to winners.
5. All winners will be contacted via email on Oct. 8th.