WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping 101: 6 Essential Tips for Beginners

Vaping has come a long way since the initial release of e-cigarettes a few years ago, leading to a high expectation of the quality of e-cigarettes and vapes from people. They expect them to work oh so flawlessly the first time regardless of what they do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way. Keep reading for some crucial beginner vaping tricks to get you going, welcome to Vaping 101 tips for beginners...

There will always be a few basic tricks that one needs to know so as to have the smoothest and most enjoyable vaping experience, so we’ve collected 6 essential tips that beginner vapers NEED to know.

1. Priming Your Vape Atomizer Coil

vape atomizer coil

Whenever you change the coil of your vaporizer you need to prime it. Priming the coil is getting the wick moistened enough so that when you take that first puff you get a nice flow of good tasting vapor instead of a burnt taste “dry hit”. Here are 3 ways to prime your coil:

  • The time and patience method:

If you read the instructions of most vaping devices (which very few people do), you will probably be informed to “let it sit” for 10 minutes before you start vaping after changing the coil. Especially with vape tanks that use single or dual coils. The Subtank type of coil has a wide opening at the top and you can simply put a few drops of liquid directly into the wick, still, you should let it sit for a few minutes. More information on coil types can be found here.

  • The suction method:

Being the most popular and time-saving method, it works by closing the airflow opening and the base of the tank and sucking as if you were vaping, but without powering on your vape. Be careful though as it is extremely easy to accidentally flood your coil since you are sucking without much knowledge of where the e-liquid is. Control how gently you create the suction, do small steps very gently. The important thing is to close the inflow of air in order to create the needed suction.

  • The drum method

This method is basically taking your vaporizer as if it were a drumstick and shaking it, leaning it forward as though you are hitting a drum with the airflow valve opened, then you simply bang that imaginary drum with absolutely no mercy! Air bubbles flowing up in the tank will be visible, creating pressure inside the tank that will assist in pushing the liquid into the coil, hence priming it. Do not over do it, because like the suction method, if you over do it you will get liquid up the middle tube to your lips, and no one needs that!

2. Don’t Fill Over the Line

The process of vaporizing e-liquid is basically the same whether you use a cartomizer or a regular vape atomizer; a heating coil wrapped around a wick heats up e-liquid to produce vapor. The residual heat then forces more e-liquid to be drawn from the connected reservoir or tank. The problem that will diminish the vapor production occurs when your wick is already saturated and you try to add more liquid, resulting in less air being able to flow through the vape atomizer or cartomizer, which in turn makes your puffs feel less full.

If you hear a gurgling noise when you try to draw on your vape, it’s usually because you added too much e-liquid and managed to flood it.

3. Explore Different E-Liquids

vape juice

Almost all e-liquids share a certain thing in common which is they use a base that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin or a mix of the two to stabilize their flavors and to produce a smoke effect when vaporized. The similarities between e-liquids can stop there, which makes it a good idea to try different e-liquids and to read e-liquid reviews whenever possible.

4. Try Dripping at Least Once

Interesting fact, some people prefer vape atomizers over cartomizers due to the fact that they lack any sort of filler material that restricts the amount of vapor that reaches your mouth.

The problem is that you eliminate this benefit when you use an atomizer with a disposable cartridge. They’re packed with dense, saturated foam that can prevent vapor from entering your mouth as readily.

Instead of using a cartridge, try using a hollow drip tip instead. It will allow you to directly add drops of e-liquid to your vape atomizer, which will, therefore allow you to enjoy larger vapor puffs with even more flavor due to less airflow restriction.

5. Charge Your Battery Regularly

vape battery

Your vape atomizer’s resistance will generally stay the same as you continue to use it, and yet the amount of charge in your battery will drain slowly as you use it. This will, therefore result in a dip in voltage. This can result in diminished vapor production when you try to use a partially charged battery.

This will be notable if you have a high-capacity battery that can last for several days of normal usage and suddenly the amount of vapor produced by your vape becomes smaller and unsatisfying. Long story short, to maximize your vapor production you need to remember to charge your battery on a regular basis.

6. Invest in a Better Battery

The best vaping battery for your mod will depend on numerous factors such as; battery life, high current rating, operating temperature, maximum discharge, charging time, and how many times it can be recharged while still performing well. For instance, a battery might be able to go a long time without being recharged but it can’t be discharged at a high rate. On the other hand, you will find some with a short battery life but won’t get too hot at high currents. Picking the best vape battery is more of a question of trade-offs and deciding what you most value. It might cost a lot, but it would be worth it.

Just by adhering to a few of these simple tips listed above, you will make those next full puffs of vapor fuller and more enjoyable on a more consistently. If you aren’t getting the experience you want out of your e-cigarette, give one of these vaping 101 tips a try. Happy vaping!