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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Renova Zero Test by Power User

    First impression for physical appearance


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    Can you smoke when…

    For people who enjoy smoking, knowing when it is safe to smoke can sometimes be challenging. Is it risky and dangerous to smoke after certain dental procedures or while pregnant or breastfeeding are common questions they have.


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    How to use a vape pen for the first time

    Vaping is a method for using heated oils and e-juice that contain nicotine or other substances that is growing in popularity. Many people prefer vaping to smoking because it uses vapor, is easier on the throat and is often possible to do in places where smoking is prohibited. Vaping is a process that requires the use of specially designed equipment. One of the most popular ways to vape is through the use of an e vape pen. Using an e vape pen properly requires a little practice. Once people understand how to use vape pens, they often find them to be far superior to other vaping methods.

    Basic Vaping Tips

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    How to change Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Settings

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    Vaporesso est décidément une marque grand public qui ne cesse d’innover et d’améliorer la qualité de ses produits. Cette nouvelle box, baptisée GEN, en est la preuve. Ce qui frappe en premier c’est bien sûr son poids : 107 grammes sans les accus. Pour parvenir à cette légèreté, Vaporesso a choisi de produire sa box avec du plastique. Cependant, les finitions qui lui sont appliquées sont exemplaires. C’est simple, on croirait du métal, et seul le poids et un examen approfondi de la GEN permette de se rendre compte de la réalité. C’est bluffant.

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    La mode des pods, c’est avant tout une histoire de MTL. Quelle que soit sa forme. Pour ceux qui apprécient cette vape mais souhaite garder une ecig au style plus traditionnel, Vaporesso vient de sortir une nouvelle gamme appelée VM, dont voici la version Solo 22 mm.

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    What's the Difference Between an Atomizer, Cartomizer and Clearomizer?

    When you first get into the world of vaping, everything can seem a bit confusing or overwhelming. There are a lot of unfamiliar terms, and the sheer number of options available can make it difficult to know which is the best for you.

    One of the first big decisions that someone new to vaping will have to make is choosing whether to use an atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer. To help make your decision simpler, this article will outline what each option is, what the benefits are and what type of vape experience each can offer.

    Vaping Knowledge

  • by Jack Sanders, 24 Jul 2019

    How to Change Vaporesso Revenger Settings

    This article covers the following models: Revenger, Revenger X (Updated version of Revenger), Revenger Go, and Revenger Mini.

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    How to Open a Vape Shop

    By 2025, the global vape industry is projected to be worth upwards of $61 billion. If you’d like to get in on that action by opening a vape shop, you’re in good company. You’re sure to face a lot of competition; however, your odds of success will be much higher when you properly educate yourself. Below, we’ll outline the basics of how to open a vape shop so you can hit the ground running on this endeavor.

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    The Best Vape Mods in 2019

    Whether you're new to the world of vaping, or you're an experienced user looking to try something new, the choices for how to vape can be overwhelming. There are pens, e-cigarettes, pod systems, mechanical mods, box mods and more.

    Best List